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Monday, September 25, 2017

Instructions to View/Download IGNOU Study Material

IGNOU Study Material

IGNOU provides study material to their students by post at home. But sometimes, because of postal delay or any other interception, students do not get books in time. To solve this problem, IGNOU offered their students study material online. They can download the same course from the website and continue study without delay. Following steps are given to download or view study material from University website.

Step by Step Instructions:

1) For Registration: One should have to register himself to View/Download IGNOU Study Material at

To download, please follow below steps:

2) After Registration and login: After Registration and login procedure, follow the below procedure to download/ view study material:
  • First, Type Course Code/ Course name/ relevant Keyword and press “Enter” key.
  • Under Community hits, Click on Course code/Course name to View or Download material.
  • You have to click on respective blocks as per your need.
  • under List of Items, you should Click on respective links 
  • After that, Click on ‘View/Open’ button to View or Download the Study Material.
  • Save it in particular drive or print it.
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

IGNOU Study Material Online Download in Pdf Format - eGyankosh

IGNOU eGyankosh study material. web 

eGyankosh Registration & Login: The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established in 1987. It has around 67 regional centers, around 3,000 learner support centers, and 67 overseas centers. Here we will discuss on IGNOU study material dispatch status, registration and login guide. It offers high-quality courses through the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Mode. Besides that, it also provides study material by post in DVD or Books for various courses such as Doctoral Degree, Master Degree, Post Graduation Courses, Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma Course, Certificate Courses, Appreciation Programmes and much more.

Study materials are available in hard-copy (Books, papers, assignments, etc.) as well as in soft copy. Once you registered with IGNOU, you will receive by post. But sometimes you received books late so that you cannot start study as per schedule. But now, you do not have to wait so long. IGNOU has launched all study materials at

Students can get guidance at home by simply registered with the site. They can read as well as download books free of cost. Here are steps how to download or read IGNOU material at free. Students have to follow following instructions.

Steps for registration:
  1. Go to the website
  2. The page will show a box containing selection types such as Student, IGNOU Faculty, and General. You have to choose a suitable title and click on “GO” button.
  3. After that, the next page has a Registration Form. Fill it carefully and insert valid Email Address. Once you fill it with all details, press on “Register” button.
  4. If you have registered successfully, they will send a confirmation email to Account. Open it and click on given a link. It will ask you for the password. Create a password with minimum six digits and log in. You are now registered.
  5. To download of reading Study Material, follow the instructions below.
  6. E Gyankosh main page contains a “Search Repository Window” on top left corner. You should type course code or course name or any relevant keyword and click enter key. List of course name and code name is given under Community hits. You can also choose a course from it.
  7. You will be able to see respective link under the list of items. Click on “View/Open” button to read or download.
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