Thursday, August 21, 2014

Masters in Anthropology (MAAN)

Master Degree:

Delivery Type – Distance

Name of the course: IGNOU –Masters in Anthropology (MAAN)

About Course: Indira Gandhi National Open University has launched the programme IGNOU –Masters in Anthropology (MAAN) to avail brief study of human being in time and space. It has incorporated subjects as physical, social and archaeological anthropology. It provides in-depth knowledge using theoretical and practical techniques. Due to lack of trained anthropologists in academic and research institutes, NGOs, government organizations and applied sciences, IGNOU planned to offer this course and make it interesting by providing professional faculties to the students.

Objective of the course: The main aim of IGNOU behind launching this programme is to develop professional competence among students.

Subject Details: The programme offers following subjects. Students have to study following subjects divided in two years. All subjects contain brief knowledge about the programme.

  • Anthropology and Methods of Research
  • Physical Anthropology
  • Social Anthropology
  • Archaeological Anthropology
  • Fieldwork and Dissertation (compulsory)
  • Practicing Anthropology (compulsory)
  • Human Genetics (elective)
  • Human Growth and Development (elective)
  • Comparative Ethnography (elective)
  • Gender and Society (elective)
  • Environmental Anthropology (elective)

Course Duration: Duration of the course is 2 to 5 years.

Course Fee: A candidate has to pay Rs.12500/- as course fee which is divided in Rs.6500/- for first year and Rs.6000/- for second year.

Qualification Criteria: Candidates who have obtained Bachelors degree or a higher degree from a recognized University may get admission in this programme.

Age Criteria: There is no any age restriction. Any qualified person can get admission in particular course.

Contact Details: For any queries or information, contact to
The Programme Coordinator,
Dr. Rashmi Sinha

Phone No.: +919818389771

IGNOU –Masters in Anthropology (MAAN) Examination Form - download from here:


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athira laila said...

I am from kerala.IGNOU regional centre at trivandum doesnt have this course under them. is it still possible to join the programme?

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Unknown said...

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