Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph. D. (N))

Doctoral Degree:

Delivery Type – Distance

Name of the course: IGNOU –Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph. D. (N))

About Course: IGNOU has launched the programme Doctor of Philosophy in nursing to enable the nursing personnel to give evidence-based nursing care to patients/ clients in various settings.

Objective of the course: The main objective of IGNOU –Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph. D. (N)) is to develop advance research skills in nursing personnel. The programme prepares the nurse educators, administrators and practitioners to carry out systematic research to improve the quality of nursing care.

Course Duration: Duration of the course is 2 to 5 years.

Course Fee: A candidate has to pay Rs.14000/- as course fee.

Qualification Criteria: Nursing candidates who have completed their M. Phil degree with minimum 55% marks from a recognized University or its equivalent grade (50% for SC and ST candidates) or
Nursing candidates having completed M.Sc. in Nursing with 55% marks and five years of teaching/industry/administration/professional/clinical experience or
Nursing candidates who have completed their M. Sc In Nursing with 55% marks (50% marks for SC and ST candidates) are eligible to get admission for such course.

Age Criteria: There is no any age restriction. Any qualified person can get admission in particular course.

IGNOU –Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph. D. (N)) Examination Form - download from here:


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