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M. Phil in Gender and Development Studies [M. Phil (GD)]

Master Degree:

Delivery Type – Distance

Name of the course: IGNOU – M. Phil in Gender and Development Studies (M. Phil (GD))

About Course: The University has launched encouraging research programme IGNOU –M. Phil in Gender and Development Studies for studies in research field. It provides open and distance learning education which provides opportunity to students all across the country and abroad to research in critical area. The M. Phil degree will provide learners with the skills, competence and tools in critical area in national development.

Objective of the course: The University plays an important role from a broad range of backgrounds to undertake indigenous research and database building in this crucial national effort. It would provide pointers to suitable research methodologies in context of India and other countries. The study in various departmental sector build the concept and theories in the field.

Studies in the field of non-governmental organization and experts highlights the focal research needs linked to planning and implementing gender awareness programmes. The programme have workload equivalent to 48 credits. The course work is governed by university ordinances.

Subject Details: The programme contains various subjects related to Gender and Development Studies. The provided courses become helpful in research field. Students may choose from following courses.
  • Gender, Development Goals and Praxis
  • Gender Analysis
  • Gender-sensitive Planning and Policy Making
  • Research Methodologies in Gender and Development Studies
  • Gender and Development: Concept, Approaches and Strategies
Course Duration: Course duration is one year.

Course Fee: A candidate has to pay Rs.9700/- as course fee.

Age Criteria: There is no any age restriction. Any qualified person can get admission in particular course.

IGNOU –M. Phil in Gender and Development Studies Examination Form - download from here:

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