Wednesday, March 8, 2017

IGNOU Solved Assignments – Marks and Results


IGNOU Assignment 2017

IGNOU assignment results/marks: This institute has provided a vast range of courses from Bachelor’s Degree to Doctoral Degree. Any qualified candidate can secure admission in programs divided into three categories Distance, Regular and Online. Here we will discuss on IGNOU assignments status, solved paper, results, and marks.

Students are provided an option to class learning, online learning or home study. They can choose course type as per their convenience. But the university also pays attention regularly for all study programs. For that, every student has to send assignment for each course in which he has taken an admission.

The university designed a special page for it. It contains all Assignments offered by ‘The Indira Gandhi National Open University’ all across the world. The Section contains all possible list of IGNOU Assignment designed by University.  Assignments are given program wise. You can choose any of them and download by just one click.

The site contains latest assignments as well as previous. You may also find solutions or solved assignments on it. Anyone can easily download them from the site. The below steps become helpful to see and download:

Steps to Download IGNOU Assignments

  • You have to go to the main page of
  • The main page contains various options, from them, choose “Student Zone” and click on it.
  • It will show many icons on the top of the page, you have to select “Assignments” and click on it. The page will show you “Programme” option, you should select your program from given list and click on “Find” button.
  • You also can type word “Assignments” in the search box from top right corner of the site page. The list will open, choose a programme and click.
  • Now you will provide one link, click on it and wait until download. The downloaded page will contain course wise assignments, each carries 100 marks weightage. You have to read all instruction and submit them at the regional office.
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