Thursday, January 19, 2017

IGNOU Exam Time Table for Exams


IGNOU time table date sheet

The Indira Gandhi National Open University Time Table - It is a national university and offers a wide range of courses. They have so many regional centers all over cities of India as well as abroad. The university provides a very easy way for admission in IGNOU certificate as well as degree and other courses. The university provides a large range of various professional courses as helpful to the candidates.

The IGNOU organize term examination at the end of each semester. Students, desire to present in the examination, have to fill examination form carefully with necessary details and requisites fee for examination. Any student, who missed the due date of examination form, may submit the form along with late payment fee. The university updates student’s program time to time on its official website.

Candidates can download the timetable for the upcoming examinations. The timetable is available to students so that they can prepare well for the exam. IGNOU has also provided the facility of previous year question papers on various subjects so that students can gain confidence.

After solving papers, students can get an idea of paper style before actual examination. The question papers are made in such way so that students can easily mark the syllabus and paper style.

Here Students can check latest exam time table:


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During the exams we should make good time management. In the many tips are really helpful for students.

Sumit Sharma said...

please provide ignou exam time table for upcoming June examination.

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