Monday, December 5, 2016

Download IGNOU Hall Ticket


The Indira Gandhi National Open University Hall Ticket

Download IGNOU Hall Ticket - The Indira Gandhi National Open University includes over 4 million students in India and 36 other countries through 21 Schools of Studies and a network of 67 regional centers, around 3,000 learner support centers and 67 overseas centers. It has about 36, 000 career counselors.

IGNOU offers such programs as becomes useful to those who sincerely want to study at the professional level. IGNOU arrange exams at the end of each semester. For that, the university provides so many facilities before the examination. However, it also makes some rules for examination centers. To appear in the examination, students have to submit examination form to the Regional Office nearer in the city. Course fee also should be paid along with examination form.

After filling up the form, the university will declare the date by which hall tickets to be downloaded. Without hall ticket, no student will be allowed to attend the examination. Hal ticket is useful for all students for written and practical exam. Hal ticket can be downloaded from the official website of the IGNOU by inserting nine digit enrollment numbers in provided box.

The student has to select the course from the list in which he is going to seat. After selection of the course, click on submit button. The system will generate computerized hall ticket which should be downloaded by the student. The print out should be taken at the examination hall. No one will be allowed to give an examination without hall ticket.

Here Gives Latest Hall Ticket:


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