Monday, October 9, 2017

Allowing old students of BCA (pre-revised sylb.) to complete their degree TEE - reg.

Student Registration Division of IGNOU has issued notification for students of BCA (PRE – Revised Syllabus) who have registered up to July 2005. They are informed that they will be allowed to give exams in June 2013 & Dec 2013 TEEs sessions in order to complete BCA degree. The following terms and conditions have to follow regarding this:
  1. Old students of BCA (pre-revised syllabus) & Integrated BCA-MCA (old syllabus) who have registered up to July 2005 session would be allowed to appear in June 2013 & Dec 2013 TEEs. They will also be allowed to submit assignments for completion of the programme.
  2. Old students would not be charged for any extra fees to extend exams.
  3. This offer is only applicable to those BCA (pre-revised syllabus) students, who have applied for re-admission after completion of maximum duration & students of BCA (old syllabus - 1996, 1997 &1998 Jan. sessions).
  4. Students are requested to submit their examination forms along with requisite fees at Regional Centre, as per schedule.
For more details, Read official announcement at below link:

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