Friday, April 5, 2013

IGNOU – Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies (MAEDS)

Master Degree:

Delivery Type – Distance

Name of the course: IGNOU – Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies (MAEDS)

About Course: It has designed the programme Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies with two project works and a dissertation. The programme becomes useful to fresh graduates who are interested in extension and development professionals.

Objective of the course: The main objective of the programme is to train and develop human resources in the professional areas of the extension and development studies. Besides that, it has following objectives:
  • Train and develop human resources in the professional areas of the extension and development studies
  • Provide knowledge on various aspects of extension and development
  • Develop professional skills among students in formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of extension and development programmes
  • Conduct action research studies and development issues and programmes

Subject Details: The programme is divided in four semesters. Each semester contains different subjects.

1) First Semester:
  • Dynamics of Extension Development
  • Problems and Issues in Development
  • Project Work- I
2) Second Semester:
  • Planning and Management of Extension and Development Programmes
  • Research Methods in Extension and Development Studies
  • Project Work II
3) Third Semester:
  • Extension Communication and Diffusion of Innovations for Development
  • Development in India-Pre and Post Liberalization Period
  • Training for Development
  • Local Self Governance
4) Forth Semester:
  • Environment and  Development
  • Gender and Development 
  • Behavioral Sciences for Extension and Development
  • Family Healthcare Education
  • Traditional Knowledge Systems and Livelihoods
  • Dissertation (compulsory)
  • Project
Course Duration: Duration of the course is 2 to 5 years.

Course Fee: A candidate has to pay Rs.7300/- as course fee.

Qualification Criteria: A candidate who has completed graduation in any discipline is eligible to get admission in the programme IGNOU – Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies.

Age Criteria: There is no any age restriction. Any qualified person can get admission in particular course.

IGNOU – Master of Arts in Extension & Development Studies Examination Form - download from here:


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